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If you would like to hear some theremin music, here is a selection of theremin recordings you can listen to.

Listen To The Theremin



Here is a YouTube video of me accompanying myself on the hurdy-gurdy.

There are also some photos of the instrument on this page.

Hurdy-Gurdy, Voice and Theremin



Combining the sound of the theremin with rare or exotic acoustic instruments can produce some interesting results.

Here is a marriage between the theremin (a Moog Etherwave Pro) and an ancient Chinese instrument

of the zither family called the “gu-zheng”.

Theremin and Gu-zheng



The kanun is the psaltery of the Middle East (and also a member of the zither family of instruments).

On this page you will find some pictures of my kanun, as well as a short improvisation for kanun and theremin.

Kanun And Theremin



This page is a tour of the 1929 RCA theremin that was once the property of the late “Hollywood thereminist”,

Dr. Samuel Hoffman. If you have ever watched late night re-runs of old science fiction films,

horror or suspense thrillers and have heard the eerie, “spooky” sounds of a strange electronic device,

the chances are it was Dr. Hoffman.

Visit The Hoffman Theremin



Here is a 1929 RCA theremin with “Flash Gordon” antennas. It once belonged to Julius Goldberg,

who was the assistant to the inventor of the theremin, Leon Theremin. Not too much is known about

Julius Goldberg but I have put together a brief biography along with the colorful provenance,

some photos, and an mp3 of the instrument he once played.

Visit the Goldberg Theremin



I recently acquired a Big Briar (now Moog Music) Series 91A theremin.

Here it is if you would like to have a look at it and hear what it sounds like.

Visit The Series 91A Theremin



When I got my Moog Music Etherwave Pro theremin in the spring of 2005, I immediately set to work customizing it

and giving it a whole new look. If you would like to see it and hear it - here it is.

Visit The Etherwave Pro Theremin



While Dr. Hoffman may have been the most celebrated and most successful thereminist of the 20th century, the most

alluring and most exquisitely musical was probably Clara Rockmore. In the link that follows, you will find photos

that are seen here for the first time. It was Clara Rockmore's wish that this material be freely given

to all those who are interested in the instrument to which she gave her life.

A Short Photo-biography of Clara Rockmore



Here are some unique photos of the inside of Clara Rockmore's custom theremin which was built

to her own personal specifications by Leon Theremin himself in the mid 1930's.

Clara Rockmore's Custom Theremin



Here is a page that explores - mostly through archival photos - the simultaneous development and presentation of the

ondes Martenot and the theremin by their respective inventors: Maurice Martenot and Leon Theremin.

The Ondes Martenot And The Theremin



In recent years there has been a renewal of interest in the “theremin cello”, one of the five musical instruments invented

in the early 20th century by Leon Theremin (the other four being the theremin, the theremin keyboard,

the rhythmicon and the terpsitone). Thanks to the efforts of musicologist Olivia Mattis

the theremin cello, an instrument which had not been heard in decades, had an on-stage revival

in 2002, in the SLEE CONCERT HALL on the University of Buffalo's Amherst Campus.

Visit The Theremin Cello